Visas and Travel Documents

Participants are responsible for arranging their own visas, flights, accommodation, relevant travel documentation, travel and health insurances, and foreign exchange.


You should check and verify your visa requirements and the appropriate timing for visa applications with the Department of Home Affairs:

Visa Support Letter

An email confirmation will be issued to you upon your completion of registration, together with a tax invoice for EFT payment, or tax receipt for your credit card payment.  The email will contain details of the Event, including your full name and the dates of your registered events.

You should ensure your name details match the details contained in your passport.

You should attach a copy of the confirmation email and tax invoice/receipt in support of your visa application.

A visa support letter may be issued only in exceptional circumstances as permitted by the Australian Department of Home Affairs.  Please contact if you have any queries.

Please note – for attending IOSCO members:


  • Your registration details will be compiled and provided to Australian immigration (including your nearest Australian Embassy and Consulate) and border protection agencies, to facilitate any required visa applications and border entry, and to assist with the immigration.

  • The Australian immigration offices are independent decision agencies for visas. ASIC cannot intervene on your behalf to speed up the application process, or appeal against a rejection.

  • Australia has strict quarantine regulations that are enforced at all international airports and other points of entry.

  • A failure to obtain a visa or gain border entry will not be a ground for refund of any fees. However, we may, in our discretion, refund the registration fee, less the cancellation fee, if:

      • The visa was applied for in time and proof is shown that a visa could not be granted even though all requested documents were submitted; and

      • A written request for registration cancellation and refund is sent by email to the IOSCO 2019 Sydney Organisation Team by no later than Friday 12 April